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(F)requently (A)sked (Q)uestions

How does Mavic measure their Zircal spokes?

A. They are definitely not measured end-to-end.  The easiest way to describe how they are measured is shoulder-to-shoulder...or about 5mm less than the end-to-end measurement.

How can I determine the model year of my Mavic Ksyriums/Crossmax wheels?

A. Well, if you cannot remember when you purchased them, or if you acquired them used, you can usually narrow down which model year(s) your wheel is by the color or the spokes and/or the hub design.  I am currently compiling photos of the different model year Ksyriums and Crossmax wheels for reference.  It can be found here.

Is the M40592 Freehub body for Shimano/SRAM road only compatible with Mavic road wheels

A. No.  The M40592 freehub body is also used on the Mavic Crossride as well as Mavic Crosstrail rear wheels.

Why do you have Mavic spokes for wheels older than 2006 and Mavic doesn't?

A. As of right now, Mavic only stocks replacement parts for wheels 2006 and six or so model years.  Next year it's going to be 2007, an so on.  Why do I have spokes going back to pre-2000?!?  Well, Let's just say that I found it worthwhile to search them out because of the amount of Mavic wheels still in use out there... This is a testament to their durability and design.

Why are the older spokes more expensive than the newer spokes?

A.  The short answer is the basic economic principle of supply and demand.